Guest Post by Silver Strings, Linda Davis Classical Wedding & Event Music

Today Linda Davis of Silver Strings, a music company that specializes in string
quartets and trios for wedding ceremonies and receptions, is here to give you a bit of insight into the world of live event music.

Is music the first or last thing you should consider?

Music may not be the first thing on your list but it shouldn’t be your last. When you
factor in the price of your dress, flowers, the room and so many other mostly visual
details, where does the importance of music fall? Music is the one element that
completes the beautiful setting, tugs on the heartstrings and shows who you are.

A little background to help you understand what to expect to pay for live music.
We spend a lot time, money and energy to learn our craft, to make what we do sound
effortless and beautiful and to play the music you want to hear. Let me put you in our
shoes for a moment. Just as you had to prepare yourself for what you do to make a
living, the same is true for us.

Since my expertise is in string quartets, trios and orchestras, I’ll stick with that. Let me
simplify it for you. Because we’re dealing with sound:

  • Listen to samples.
  • Ask about experience and then ask for references.
  • Be able to ask an ensemble for anything from the classics to Coldplay without them breaking a sweat.
  • Put price in perspective. The most expensive isn’t always what you need and the cheapest might not be enough. This is where the professional can help you the most. You can expect to pay between $600 and $1400 depending on the number of musicians you want and how long you want them. Anything less than that you’ll be dealing with young, inexperienced musicians or amateurs. Hint: You can get a better deal if you have the same ensemble play for both your wedding and reception.

Recorded music simply can’t compare to the energy and vibrancy of live music and
nothing compares to experienced professionals playing beautifully and timing your music
perfectly. You’re going to enormous expense to prepare for this most important rite of
passage. Don’t skimp on the music. Repeat after me: “I’m worth it”. Now ditch the

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