{Guest Post} 12 Frappuccinos Under 200 Calories

If you’re like most, when 3:00pm hits you’re reaching for a pick-me-up to pull you through the rest of your day. As the weather heats up, there’s a lot of opportunity to overdo it on these frozen coffee concoctions. Enjoy your frap without all the guilt by choosing 1 of the following Frappuccinos under 200 calories:

By choosing a smaller size and subbing in fat-free milk and nixing the whipped cream, you’re able to cut back on calories, fat and sugar significantly! Perfect while getting ready to fit in that gorgeous bridal gown!

Happy Frappy, friends 😀

Lindsey Joe with Handmade Healthy

If you need more calorie-cutting tips or some one on one nutritional help, then you will love Lindsey Joe. Her philosophy is:

I believe that all foods really can fit into a healthy diet (especially when you focus on being the healthy the makes YOU happy).  Food not only functions to fuel our bodies, but it feeds our soul. 

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