Groomsmen Attire: Darcy Up the Dudes

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Even the men in the bridal party know they cannot wear jeans and favorite team jersey to the wedding. With that clear, what dapper outfit should they wear? Now, Darcy in Jane Eyre’s Pride & Prejudice is the quintessential gentleman dressed just so, but not all our men have fashion finesse. Your men may need a bit of direction.

  • Style of your wedding determines the style of men’s attire. If it is a formal affair, tuxedos or tails are in order. Semi-formal calls for suits with ties or bowties. A casual affair, a casual suit or slacks with a vest or suspenders. Beach and waves beckon for linen in tan or grey.

  • Choose color of attire to compliment bridesmaids’ dresses. Be sure to take a color swatch with you when you pick out the suit or tuxedo to match. Some colors can be quite hard, such as yellow, to match without it.

  • To rent or buy? No doubt renting is easiest. You choose it. They get measured. It’s picked up the day before the wedding. However, some groomsmen are buying their suits or tuxedos, which makes sense if they wear them to work or attend such black-tie affairs. Again, be sure that each groomsmen knows the exact color to get…grey can be charcoal or pewter or ?. (FYI: The average rental for a tuxedo or suit with all the trimmings is $125-$150.)

  • Choose a flair to add character to the typical tuxedo or suit based on your wedding theme, colors, and style. Choose fun ties or bowties to jazz it up. A gingham, floral, or plaid handkerchief in the breast pocket or a pair of brightly colored socks. Snazzy suspenders. Maybe even a pair of custom Converse or cowboy boots. (Monogram any of these for that personal touch.

We love them and cannot imagine life without them. Make sure they look GOOD and feel good on your wedding day!

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