Westin Poinsett Venue

Luxe and Romantic Themes

Last year we saw a move towards rustic barn weddings, and this year we will likely see a shift towards luxe, glamorous, and romantic weddings. While this will incorporate sleek modern elements, many brides will choose classic, formal styles with grand tablescapes, soft lighting, candelabras, and elegant florals. The Westin Poinsett is the absolute perfect venue for brides looking for this style. Both the Poinsett Ballroom and the Gold Ballroom would be stunning backgrounds for a formal wedding.

Soft Colors from Pantone

The color of the year is Marsala, which is a muted burgundy/wine color. The rest of the colors are soft and muted, as well. If you choose Marsala, consider pairing it with soft pinks and ivory (again – would look incredible in the Gold Ballroom at the Westin Poinsett!). If you prefer cool shades, try Lucite Green paired with the Classic Blue and Scuba Blue…or pair it with white and touches of gold. Either way, the color palettes will be stunning.

Photography Credit: Sposa Bella Photography

Trend Three Dresses: Wedding Reception After Party

Photography Credit: Sposa Bella Photography

In the past few years, many brides have chosen two dresses: one formal gown for the ceremony and one sleek gown for the reception. This year, many brides will choose three dresses (and what girl doesn’t want three new dresses?!). In addition to the ceremony wedding dress, many brides will choose a sheath or form-fitting dress for the reception, and finally, a fun (perhaps feathery or sequined mini-dress) for the after-party. Greenville SC brides will take advantage of this trend, and wear their third dress to the after-party that might be on the rooftop at Sip or on the dance floor at On the Roxx.


One thing’s for sure: Greenville is known for its good eats. In 2015, we’re going to see a few wedding food trends:  family-style dining, farm-to-table fare, tasting stations, and brunch themes. Brides and grooms love guest interaction, so they’ll love the intimacy that family-style dining creates. A relaxed and intimate atmosphere is immediately created as guests pass entrees and sides to one another. Farm-to-table dining and locally sourced food will be another big trend. With the many farms in our area, Greenville is certainly set up for success in this arena. Brides and grooms will be able to choose local, seasonal food for their special day. During cocktail hour, many couples will opt for tasting stations or food trucks where they can show off their favorite foods in small portions before the big meal begins. Lastly, brunch themed weddings will pop up this year. Breakfast and brunch items are huge hits and can easily be incorporated into weddings, whether it’s served as the main course or the late night snack.

The Drinks

Many brides and grooms will choose signature drinks or limited bars with beer, wine, and a few types of liquor. In 2015, many will choose a thematic bar, perhaps showcasing only local drinks or those from their favorite getaway locations. With Greenville being the home to many microbreweries, we can almost bet that grooms will likely feature some of our local beers at their weddings. We will also see an increase in champagne with many couples choosing champagne towers (that will pair well with those formal, luxe weddings).

Photography Credit: Sposa Bella Photography
Photography Credit: Sposa Bella Photography

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