Friday DIY: Pinwheels!

Pinwheels are so adorable and when Kate found this great tutorial she sent it right over for me to share! Take a look at this:

pinwheels, Weddings, DIY, Tutorial, Nashville, TNImage via Austin Wedding, this post from Polka Dot Bride, also this post from Polka Dot Bride, and Simple Solutions.

There are several ways to make these but I love that this tutorial uses pencils as the sticks. There are so many pretty pencil options out there and if you can’t find any you love then just use this tutorial to cover your pencils with coordinating paper!

Here is what you will need for the pinwheels:

  • Various pieces of paper
  • Scissors
  • Push-pin or Pins*
  • Pencils with erasers

Now that you know what you need head on over for the full instructions on Ohdeedoh!

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