Friday DIY: Homemade Limoncello Favors

Here’s a perfect DIY for any Spring or Summer wedding. Limoncello is an Italian drink made by infusing flavorless alcohols with lemon rinds. It takes some time to make this favor too so get started early. The longer the Limoncello sits, the more mellow and delish the flavor! This also works great for any citrus fruit so why not try making Limecello or Orangecello?

Limoncello, Homemade, Weddings, Favors, Wedding 101, Nashville, TN, DIYHere’s what you’ll need:

    Step One

  • one bottle everclear (at least 151 proof)
  • one bottle vodka (80-100 proof)
  • 15-20 large thick skinned bright yellow lemons
  • large clear glass jar (to hold your mixture, something like this)

    Step Two

  • 3-4 cups filtered tap water or distilled water (not mineral water)
  • 3-4 cups pure white sugar
  • cheese cloth

Click here for the full DIY instructions and have fun!

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