Friday DIY: Chandelier Dessert Display Wedding Decor

Welcome back Friday! Oh how I’ve missed you. It’s been an incredibly busy and productive week here on my end. I hope it has been for you too! I am all over this DIY. It’s so adorable and if you’ve ever been to a Habitat ReStore you know there are way to many ugly brass 90’s chandelier’s needing an update.

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Image via Weddings by 2 + Hue

First let me say if you’re in the Orlando area, you simply MUST check out this company, Weddings by 2 + Hue. They’ve got some great rentals. Rustic, antique, re-purposed… For those of us not in Orlando, sadly we’ll have to settle on making our own dessert display.

Here’s what you need:

  • Used Chandelier that has the candle style bulb sockets, the arms must also balance as the bottom.
  • Pretty vintage plates
  • Spray Cleaner, Alcohol & Towels
  • Spray Primer & Paint in a coordinating color
  • Heavy Duty Construction adhesive (look for metal to glass adhesion)

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Clean your chandelier with spray cleaner. Then go over it with alcohol to make sure the spray primer will bond to the metal. Remove the bulbs and cut off any wires that come out the top.
  2. Spray prime the chandelier. 2 t0 3 light even coats are better than one heavy coat. We don’t want drips!
  3. Once dry, give it 3 to 4 light even coats of spray paint.
  4. Clean the bottom of your plates with alcohol.
  5. Using your HD Construction adhesive, glue the plates to the chandelier arms and one to the top (where the electrical wires would have come out of). Some chandeliers may have an extra cap piece that is loose. Glue that onto the chandelier first, then once dry glue the plate to the top.

There you have it! An perfectly adorable vintage dessert display. Obviously this guy is a hand wash piece and I would be sure that your desserts are balanced around the display. This probably is best for cupcakes, cookies, mini pies, mini tarts and the like. Cutting into anything on the plates might be asking for trouble as it might knock the piece off balance. No cake disasters please!

Happy weekend lovlies and don’t forget to come see us in the studio! We’re always here to help!

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