Friday DIY: Branch Candle Holders Wedding Decor Ideas

Happy Friday Lovelies! It’s been an wonderful week here at the Wedding 101 studio and we’d love to help you with any planning you’re still working on so stop in to see us tomorrow! Since we know how much you loved the Bella & Edward wedding, here’s an easy project that will bring the outdoors in or even help to bring nature a little closer at an outdoor wedding and it brings that bit of Forks a little closer to home.

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Here’s what you need:

  • Reclaimed branches or stumps cut to the size you like (A chain saw would be handy here but not required. A chop saw, reciprocating saw, or even a hand saw would work too.)
  • A drill with a bit the size of the candles you’d like to use
  • Candles

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Make sure you have a flat side for the branch to stand on.
  2. Use the drill to drill a hole out for your candle.
  3. Place the candle inside, light, and enjoy!

Looking for a twist? Spray paint them silver, gold, or even white for a more modern theme. Don’t want to make them yourself? Head on over to Worleys Etsy shop to purchase your own.

We’ve got some great events coming up so don’t forget to check out our Events & Workshop page!

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