Friday DIY: Adorable Mini Pie Favors

After posting those adorable pie favors in yesterdays inspiration board, I had to find a beautiful DIY for you. I think these favors are so smart, sweet, and totally memorable. I have two rules for favors. They should be:

Over-the-top fabulous. The kind that lasts and your guest will use for years and years to come.


They have to be something so tasty and delightful that they won’t last the day. I am talking the most decadent chocolates, cookies that they will talk about for months, or cute and delicious pies like these!

Mini Pie Favors, Wedding Pie Favors, Fort & Field

Image via Fort & Field

Fort & Field is one of my favorite blogs for all things packaged up with cuteness. Check out this DIY she posted on these adorable mini pie favors.

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