Fresh, New Twists on Age-Old Traditions

Vintage is a trending wedding style these days! And I’m not talking about vintage shoulder pad wedding gowns, huge teased hair, and cascading bouquet vintage. It’s almost like a modern vintage. There are some traditional rituals that have been done since the dawn of weddings, so we wanted to put a new twist on some of the age-old traditions! 

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

You will rarely see a bride wearing her mother’s wedding gown now. Well, if they are wearing it, then they are putting their own something new to her mother’s something old! If you are the bride that really wants to wear her mother’s wedding gown but but is not happy about the style, then consider talking to your mom about having some alterations done to the dress. One of my brides is using Princess Seams to alter her mother’s dress to fit her style and her wedding. Or, another alternative is to sew a piece of your mother or grandmother’s wedding gown into your own.

This can cover your something old and something new, but what about something borrowed and something blue? Talk to your mom and grandmother about borrowing a special bracelet, necklace, or earring for your wedding day. There are several new twists on incorporating something blue. It has become a new tradition to have your wedding date sewn into the inside of your dress in blue thread. There are endless options on how you can add a new twist on this tradition! Check out some other option for your something blue!

(Date, Nails, Shoes, Garter, Bouquet)

Birdseed Alternative
Since people started saying that rice can make birds stomach’s explode, the tradition of tossing it at weddings has disappeared! Another tradition that has slowly faded is tossing birdseed. There are so many other fun things to throw at the bride and groom (and less painful)! For example, a sparker send off is fun for everyone, and always end up being great pictures! Other options include bubbles, confetti, lavender, rose petals, ribbon wands, or even sprinkles!

(Sparklers, lavender, confetti, ribbon wands, sprinkles, bubbles)

Mom and Dad are Paying, Right?
We have started to see a more mature bride, and that means that the wedding budget breakdown is changing. It’s very common to have brides and grooms contributing to their own wedding budget now. Traditional family roles are different now when it comes to paying for weddings.

You wouldn’t believe how many brides come in saying that her fiancé doesn’t like cake! I love anything with gluten, sugar, and cards, so I look in disbelief. However, it’s a fading tradition! Instead of the traditional wedding cake, you may be seeing a lot of dessert bars or candy bars. Some alternative desserts include cupcakes, cake pops, pies, gelato cake, cookies, or other baked goods. I once worked a wedding that had funnel cakes as the dessert. It was amazing and tasty!

(Nashville Sweets, Nucci’s Gelatos and More, Vintage Cakes & Catering, Pink Blossom Bakery)

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