Why does everyone seem so confused when we say that our planning services are free? Is it because EVERYONE is trying to sell you something? Is it because you are writing 17 checks to 33 different people in 12 months? Is it because we are led to believe that nothing in life is free? Well, behold ladies and gents, Wedding 101 is FREE wedding planning help. No strings attached. No schemes.

This is real life. I’ll explain below. 

(Top, L to R: Ashley #2, Amy
Bottom, L to R: Ashley, Heather)

This week, Heather and I will be letting you in on Wedding 101’s secrets. Because many/most of you don’t understand nor believe me when I say that we are FREE wedding planning help, we are going to explain ourselves and our purpose better so it’ll be more clear…and so you will feel comfortable letting us help you with your wedding planning!

Free?: Yes. This is true, and I will explain how this is possible. All of the vendors in our vendor library are paid members who have all been through an application and interview process. This reassures us that we are recommending professional and reputable vendors to brides. Because Heather and I do NOT receive commission based on who you book, we can provide unbiased and equal vendor representation of our members to brides.

There are no tricks up our sleeves (Heather and I aren’t that clever anyway). When you come in to sit down for a consultation, Heather and I will do our best to help and provide you with expert advice. No fees, no commission, no money exchanged, or checks being written. It’s FREE wedding planning help.

Goals: We are the middlemen — a resource boutique that exists solely to connect discerning brides with quality vendors. We’ve done our homework and want to take you back to the basics of wedding planning 101. We’ve narrowed down the best vendors in the area so that you – the bride – can spend less time running around, meeting, interviewing and planning and more time simply enjoying this special time in your life.

Tuesday you’ll get to know a little bit more about me (Ashley #2) and Heather, your personal wedding planning fairies!

1 thought on “Free?”

  1. Ashley Paige Dempsey

    Hello Ladies,
    I became engaged this past weekend. I am very excited yet somewhat overwhelmed. I came across your website during an internet search and felt immediately relieved when I learned that there is actually personal wedding planning fairies!
    I live in Atlanta and my fiancé lives in Nashville. The first choice of dates for our Nashville wedding is December 13 2014. I hope to meet with Heather, Ashley #1 and Ashley #2 soon so that this Ashley #3 can begin planning.
    I appreciate your assistance!
    Ashley Dempsey

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