Latest Flower Girl Wedding Ceremony Attire Trends

Let’s face it, little girls can have a big impact in a wedding. The children with the most significant impact in the wedding are generally the ring-bearer and the flower girl. We have recently witnessed brides and grooms honoring the history of the original flower girls by incorporating classic styled dresses and accessories into their wedding receptions inspired by the Victorian era.

While some brides are going for the contrast in fabric and colors, others are sticking with simple yet elegant garb of the past.

History of Flower Girls

The flower girl concept began with the ancient Romans.  They chose a young girl to serve as the line leader of the wedding party carrying herbs and a wheat stalk, which symbolized prosperity and blessed them with a long and fertile life as a couple.

The flower girl’s role changed during the Renaissance period, involving the use of  garlic and the introduction of the ever-popular bridesmaids. In Medieval times, it was believed that evil spirits would try to steal the bride. With the flower girl keeping them at bay with garlic and the bridesmaids confusing them, the bride could safely join her groom!

Fortunately, the Elizabethan era brought a more wholesome, lovely role for our flower girls. A path of flower petals was created from the bride’s home to the location of the ceremony. According to, the flower girl would be the first to walk the path, leading the bride while sprinkling flowers and rosemary leaves from a special cup.

Victorian Era and Flower Girls

We have the Victorian era to thank for the flower girl traditions we celebrate today. Picture an adorable child in a white or ivory dress scattering rose petals to create a path for her bride. Flowers were carried in a decorated basket or floral hoop, which was handmade and symbolized the never-ending love of the bride and groom.

Some brides are utilizing elements of this history into their wedding for a vintage touch.  One popular trend is incorporating a crown of flowers that evolved from the floral hoop. A historic symbol of never-ending love is a great touch to add to a modern wedding.

Interested in adding a wow factor? Consider a bright sash, an elaborate crown of flowers, or a colorful bouquet.

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