Emersonmade is Breathtaking!

As I was randomly checking my google alerts, I was stopped in my clicking when I spied this site.  Emersonmade‘s handcrafted beauties take my breath away!  What great design with such individuality and a sense of romance.

Just thought I would tease you with their one-of-a-kind products this afternoon that are perfect twists on wedding attire details.  If you need more, visit their website @ www.emersonmade.com.

For the bride…

Forgo a sash of color for this precious splash of rosette!

For the groom and groomsmen…

One of my favorite ideas! This little flair for the groom’s tie.

For the bridesmaids…

A fabulous gift for your bridesmaids is a small clutch like this one.

For more… www.emersonmade.com

Happy Planning,


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