Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Day!

There is an old wives tale that says it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day. I speak with many brides and most of them don’t necessarily feel the same way! There are so many things that can be affected by just a little bit of rain. One of those things brides always think about is the photographs. I say throw caution to the wind and just go with it! A great photographer can capture beautiful photos in almost any condition. Here are a few examples:

Bride-with-rainboots, groom, weddings, rainImage via Wedding Coozies

del_sol_wedding_flashflavor_rain, Weddings, Rain, UmbrellaImage via FlashFlavor

rain_boots_purple, Weddings, Rain, BootsImage via SJHouser

So what can you do to make the most of your day if you are caught in the rain? Be prepared by having a tent option on reserve if your wedding/reception are outdoors. Have a cute rain jacket, umbrella, and rain boots at hand just in case. If you can find these items that match your theme or colors even better! Finally, just go with it. There is nothing you can do to make the rain go away so make the best out of it. Get soaked, let your photographer capture some phenomenal photos, and enjoy the celebration!

Wedding Rain, umbrella, boots, trench, coat, jacketImage credits: Umbrella via, Trench via Net-a-Porter, Rain boots via Zappos

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