Wedding Role Ideas For Children & Friends

I love my brides. They ask me questions which end up being great blog topics. I was recently asked for a list of typical wedding jobs. Her question went past your typical bridal party and parent responsibilities. Those are the “typical” one’s we would think of, right? Well, our complimentary planning guide can explain all of those duties and responsibilities for you (comment at the bottom if you’d like to be sent
the planning guide). Today I’m going to share some other wedding jobs that will need to be fulfilled on the day of your wedding!

Flower Girl Dresses and Role

Flower Girl:

Do your friends have adorable little girls? Do you have lovely little cousins you want to include in your special day? The flower girl duty is one that is easy and fun for the little ladies. It’s a great way for you to include the special young ladies in your life that aren’t able or old enough to be bridesmaids. Want to be ultra-inclusive? Recently, brides and grooms have been including flower boys, as well.

Ring Bearer:

This falls hand in hand with flower girls. The mini gentlemen in your life can have the honor of being the ring bearer. They can also escort the flower girls down the aisle. This part of the processional is always entertaining and a guaranteed “awww” moment for you and your guests. If the young man is old enough and willing, then he could also escort your fur baby down the aisle with him. Remember ring bearers can also be girls. This is a popular trend among the millennial generation in particular.


This is a great alternative to being a groomsman. Since you can’t have 15 of your best guys up at the alter with you, ask some of them to be ushers for your ceremony. They still get to be an important part of your day, but they aren’t required to wear matching suits!


It is very common to have special readings or performances during ceremonies. If you and your fiancĂ© have someone that you really want to be involved on your wedding day but don’t feel that a bridesmaid or groomsmen is the proper position, then ask them to do a reading at your ceremony. This is a great way to include a favorite scripture, poem, passage, AND person into your wedding day.


Toast can be made at the rehearsal dinner or at the wedding reception. Typically, the toasting role is reserved for parents, and the bridal party; however, there are no rules when it comes to your wedding! You can let anyone YOU want to make a toast. If it isn’t a parent, maid/matron of honor, or best man, then I would recommend letting someone make a special toast at the rehearsal dinner or one of your showers.


This is a super easy position that still makes people feel special and included! Greeters typically are responsible for handing out programs, collecting gifts, making sure guests sign the guest book, and welcoming guests to your wedding.

All of these duties will need special people to fulfill them! They are fun, easy ways for those extra special people in your life to be included in your wedding day. If your special person doesn’t feel satisfied with one of these alternative duties, tell them that they won’t have to spend the extra money that your bridal party will be spending (which is a perk!).

Do you have any special people filling specific roles?

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