Don’t Forget The Guests! Nashville’s Best Wedding Vendors

We all know that the real purpose for day is for you and your dear one to unite as one, but let’s be completely honest, if it was just about that, you wouldn’t be planning an event for 50 or even hundreds of guests, you’d elope! Every single detail you add to your day won’t go unnoticed so when planning those little tidbits walk a mile in your guests shoes.

From the music before the ceremony, the wedding party being on time, and even how long you plan for photos you should consider what your guests will be doing. This is one of the many parts of making your day a success. Plan your timeline well and think of your guests needs as well as your own.

I found this great idea over on Pinterest and I thought I’d share!


wedding guests

Don’t forget the guest bathrooms. Grab or rent a couple of apothecary jars and fill them with things your guests may need like gum, floss picks, mouthwash, headache meds, and even a pick or brush and some hair spray. You can even coordinate the colors of the items to your wedding colors.

Your guests will adore the thoughtfulness and they won’t have to hesitate when they reach a menu item with onions or garlic!


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