{DIY} Valentine’s Day Wind Chimes!

It’s not too late to do this fun DIY craft! It’s easy and fun. You should make your fiancé sit down and do this for you as a pre-Valentine Day date!


What you need:
– plastic beads
– A heart shaped silicone treat pan
-ribbon or string,
-hot glue gun


Start by filling your pan with beads. Melt the beads in the oven at 400 degrees F for
25 minutes. There will be a very strong fume when you open the oven, so you want to keep windows open and fans on!


Glue the hearts on the ribbon. You can stagger them on the different ribbons.
I did 4 ribbons total with 3 or 4 hearts on them.


Next, wrap the ribbon ends around the stick gluing it down with hot glue.


And there ya have it! Your own beaded heart wind chimes! 🙂


All photos and this tutorial came from No Time For Flash Cards!

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