{DIY Friday} Floating Vase Backdrop!

It’s DIY Friday! I am obsessed with today’s project! It is so easy and has multiple uses! Today’s how to involves a tree branch, twine, bud vases, and some pretty flowers. Not only can this make a great ceremony backdrop, but this can be used as decor in your home post wedding!  I’m very thankful that I stumbled upon this DIY project from Kim Fisher Designs while browsing Wedding Chicks


2 brackets
Clear floral tape
Recycled clear bottles
Hanging test tub vases (or any type of bud vases)
Hammer & nails
Single branches
Single stem florals


1. Find Branch- This can be one from your backyard!
2. Hang brackets on wall and rest branch inside brackets
3. Gather vases and fill with very little water about 2 inches, to make the vases as light as possible (vases above are 8″ recycled glass vases)
4. Queen’s Anne’s Lace was used above, but you could use any light flower
5. Wrap twine several times around the necks of the vases. Then tie a knot and wrap the end piece around branch and tie another knot to secure
6. You can vary the placement of the bottles by using different lengths of twine.

There ya have it! A gorgeous, affordable, and multi-purpose ceremony backdrop! Thanks to Kim Fisher Designs and Wedding Chicks for the great tutorial! All images courtesy of Theo Milo Photography.

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