The Most Difficult Part of Wedding Planning

Though there is still some debate about what qualifies as the most difficult vendor to decide on for your wedding, the one thing that proves MOST difficult out of all the planning aspects is… The Guest List! The daunting task of hand-selecting each person who will get the privilege of witnessing your big day tends to send most brides into panic-mode. But never fear, the task CAN be accomplished, and hopefully with just a few tips, you’ll be on your way to conquering the most difficult part of wedding planning!

{Tips & Advice} How Rude!?!

Show of hands: how many of you have ever been left tongue-tied because someone made some appalling, inappropriate comment about your wedding? Look no further, lovelies. Here’s how you can respond to those awful comments and questions so that you come out looking like a classy and put-together woman.

Wedding Apps You’ll Love! Our Top Picks

So… As we all know from commercials and that random guy at that party who repeatedly quoted Apple’s commercials, “There’s an app for that.” There’s an app for just about everything, even weddings. I’ve found three that I would have found useful when I was planning my wedding and thought I’d share!

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