Alternatives to a “Traditional” Wedding Cake

Modern brides have been embracing color and originality at their weddings for many years now. We’ve seen fun spins on tradition, as well as completely new “traditions” being started. Just like all the other pieces of a wedding, the wedding cake has also seen some transformation of its own. Brides are steering away from the all white, circular, tiered cake. Now we see all sorts of alternative styles embraced by the wedding cake.

Unique Cake Topper Ideas

Your wedding should reflect your unique style. One way to do this is by adding personalized pieces throughout the event, such as a cake topper! There are so many unique cake topper ideas, and Allie has chosen a few of her favorites to highlight for you. Enjoy!

{10 + 1} Wedding Cakes by Sweetface Cakes

Today’s 10 + 1 blog features some AMAZING wedding cakes designed by the one and only, Renay Zamora, of Sweetface Cakes! From simple and elegant, to intricate and abstract, Renay can truly design cakes that perfectly compliment your wedding day style.

Straight To A Grooms Heart

We’re making up for leaving you hanging on Tuesday. We were out for an emergency but it’s all under control and we’re back again to make up for that missed post! Tiffany’s here to share some great insight into the great Southern tradition of Grooms cakes!

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