Expert Advice: 5 Tips to Flawless Makeup

Katie Russo, professional Makeup Artist in Nashville, TN has provided us some great tips on wedding day beauty to share with all of our lovely brides. Enjoy these 5 helpful tips to be a beautiful bride … effortlessly.

2012 Wedding Trend Watch: Messy Hair Wedding Day Hair Styles

We’re seeing it every where. Red carpets, fashion magazines, even all over Pinterest  messy hair is a huge trend. I don’t think it’s going anywhere for a while so throw out those brushes. You won’t be needing them for your engagement party, bachelorette bash, or event the rehearsal dinner.

Friday DIY: Hair Perfection

We know you’ll want to look your best for all the events you will be attending before the wedding like engagement parties and bridal showers. Here is a beautiful and easy way to pull back your hair with style!

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