Candy, Mashed Potatoes, Dessert… What kind of “bar” are you having?

With the large guest lists involved in today’s weddings, couples are trying their best to cater to EVERYONE’S tastes… While this task is pretty close to impossible, I do understand wanting the vast majority of your guests to find something they enjoy on the menu at your reception.  One of the best ways to cater to multiple tastes is to have a “bar” that includes a variety of flavors, toppings, or styles of your favorite food item.  These bars can include anything from sides to desserts… whatever your heart desires!

Here’s some unique bars that will make your reception one to remember!  First, I’ll start with the desserts…


Image courtesy of Candy Galaxy’s Blog.

Candy Bars

A candy bar acts as the perfect favor for guests with a “child-like” heart!  You can color coordinate the candy to match your reception.  You can even theme the candy to reflect you and your groom’s unique interests!  Candy Galaxy has hundreds of different types of candy that can be shipped right to your door!


Image of Nashville Sweets’ dessert bar courtesy of Nashville Photography Group.

Dessert Bars

Dessert bars are perfect alternatives to the traditional wedding cake because of the variety they provide!  From cupcakes and cake pops, to cookies and mini desserts, dessert bars provide guests with multiple options that will satisfy their sweet tooth.  Nashville Sweets creates dessert bars that will fit exactly what you’re looking for!

If sweets are not necessarily your thing, you can still add variety to your reception by including a specialty food bar!


Image of Vintage Cakes and Catering’s Mashed Potato Bar courtesy of their website.

Mashed Potato Bar

Instead of just offering potatoes as a side for your main course, why not have a whole buffet of different types of mashed potatoes and toppings?!  Your guests are sure to love any catering provided by Vintage Cakes and Catering… especially if it includes their mashed potato bar!


Image of U.T.K. Sushi’s sushi bar courtesy of their website.

Sushi Bar

If you and your sweetie love seafood, a sushi bar would add the perfect touch to your reception!  Not to mention, when you order from U.T.K. Sushi & Asian Cuisine, you receive a live performance as they serve the sushi… it’s dinner AND a show!

There are countless ways to let your personality show in your reception!  Come by the studio today to find out more information about the vendors who will “wow” your guests!

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