Bridesmaids Pt. 4: 101 Uses for a Bridesmaid Dress + 1 More

So, what do you do with the dress you know you won’t wear again?  Cindy Walker has some creative answers for you in her book 101 Uses for A Bridesmaid Dress with the cutest illustrations by Donna Mehalko.  As the author said so well in her foreward, “being a part of the inner circle at a close friend’s wedding can be fun, but as part of postwedding etiquette we must mock dresses.”

Some of my favorites were…

#6  The athlete in your life would love a custom jockstrap.

#33  Tie it behind your favorite kid for an instant superhero cape.

#44  Create a line of Barbie Vegas Wear for your young cousins.

What a fun little book to give each bridesmaid as part of her gift for being a part of your big day.  Come to Wedding 101 to see this book as well as all of the other fun wedding-related items we have in our sweet retail boutique.

If none of these ideas work for you, a more serious use would be to donate it to The Fairy Godmother Project of Music City.  This project was able to collect over 400 dresses from past prom attendees and bridesmaids, as well as local dress shops to share with teen girls who could not afford buying their own.  It was such a success, and we look forward to being a part of it again next Spring.  Visit the website to find out details for Prom 2011.

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