Bridesmaids Pt. 3: The Dress Dilemma

Today I wanted to share my dreaded dress dilemma.   I had to wear a purple, Jackie-O style dress that my sister-in-law/business partner had chosen for her bridal party.  The color was pretty, but I could not stand the way it fit.  Of course, my mother said not to say a word in that motherly tone of voice that meant I MEAN IT.  So, the wedding commenced, and I will say that it was a gorgeous ceremony with a gorgeous bride.  But needless to say, I could not wait to take it off, never to be worn again.


Two months later, my sister-in-law wore what I thought to be an exquisite, hot pink, floor length gown with her hair quite teased and coiffed with sparkly, tear-drop earrings.  I had picked out what I believed to be the most beautiful gown style and color for all of my bridesmaids.  I honestly considered skin tone, height, weight when I chose the color and style. (My first choice for color was a sheer pink, but two of my friends were fair; thus, I changed my color.)  I wanted all six to feel beautiful. Promise!  Well, several years later, I found out that she highly disliked it, as did my sister.   So, so much for pleasing my bridesmaids.  They did however put on a happy face for my day and for that I am grateful.


The moral is that you are there for your friend, the bride, and your day will/did come.  Have fun as I said yesterday; your bridesmaids’ dress will make for good stories down the road. 🙂 Plus, you have got to feel better about what you will wear after seeing these dresses from the 90s!

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