Bridesmaids Pt. 1: The Custom

Warding off Evil Spirits

You have been asked to be your best friend’s maid/maiden of honor.  How Thrilling!  Besides wearing a dress that you may never wear again, your main job is to be there for your friend just as always.  However, this ride may involve a bit more as she plans her perfect wedding.  We’ll talk about these responsibilities in a future post but wanted to start with the reason as to why there are even bridesmaids at a wedding.

According to an article by Janette Peel, the original role of the bridesmaid was to confuse evil spirits and ensure the safety of the bride.  In Roman times, the bridesmaids’ dresses looked almost identical to the bride’s to ensure confusion. For more fun history facts on bridesmaid customs, read the rest of Janette’s article at

Now that you have been bestowed this great honor, what exactly are you to do?  Check tomorrow’s post to find out.

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