Bridesmaids’ Dresses Pt. 4 – Tasteful Trends

Today, I had so much fun visiting different bridesmaids collections online and seeing what is out there for today’s bridesmaid.  Let me just say that you are quite lucky.  There are some gorgeous options out there for you thanks to today’s designers.  Below are examples of some fun trends that I think any bridesmaid would love to wear.    Enjoy the eyecandy!

The One-Shoulder Trend is Quite Elegant
Gorgeous Metallics
A Beaded Sash instead of a Solid Ribbon
Pockets!!!!!! (for lipstick and cellphone)

Brides really do have options today to make their bestfriends happy when selecting bridesmaids’ attire in 2010.  You might actually wear these again.

1 thought on “Bridesmaids’ Dresses Pt. 4 – Tasteful Trends”

  1. I just got back from New York shooting a wedding, & the girls all had the same exact green dress with pockets as the last photo you show. The dresses where a hit with the trendy crowed. What took it over the top was the brides dress. She had pockets as well. The whole bridal entourage had a great look w/ attitude. I loved it.

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