Bridesmaid Dresses for All Budgets

Sometimes what you think the will be the simplest decision turns out to be one of the most challenging. As a bride, choosing bridesmaid dresses can be a bit daunting even if you know exactly what you want them to wear. You may have some maids that are still in college, one that has the best job, one that is a single mom… their situations may be all over the board. Unless you plan on paying for their dresses, you need to consider what they will be able to manage when it comes to picking out what they will wear. There are beautiful and budget friendly dresses everywhere, it just may take a little time and research on your part to find “the” dress/dresses.

Here are a few we are loving right now!

Bridesmaids, Dress, raspberry, red, Limited, Weddings, Nashville, TN, Wedding 101Image via Limited

Banana Republic, Weddings, Bridesmaids, Dresses, Navy, Blue, Sash, Belt, Nashville, TN, Wedding 101Image via Banana Republic

JCrew, Bridesmaids, Dresses, Peach, Weddings, Nashville, TN, Strapless, Wedding 101Image via J Crew

JCrew, Bridesmaids, Dresses, Gray, Grey, Weddings, Nashville, TN, Strapless, Wedding 101Image via J Crew

Lulu's, Bridesmaids, Dresses, Ruffle, Belted, Beige, Pink, Blush, Nashville, TN, Wedding 101Image via Lulu’s

Lulu's, Bridesmaids, Dresses, Lace, Beige, Nashville, TN, Wedding 101Image via Lulu’s

Just a little note on these last two dresses. This store is similar to Forever 21 in that sizes do run small and you may want to double check the length on some of these. Lulu’s has some adorable dresses at jaw dropping prices but keep in mind who their target market is.

Another great resource for pretty and budget friendly dresses is ModCloth. They have new arrivals daily. If you find something you love, you should really JUMP on it. The great stuff goes out of stock VERY quickly which is why I didn’t share any images from them.

One other note on bridesmaid dresses. Remember to pick out a dress that will flatter all of your bridesmaid’s body types and ages.

Happy dress hunting!

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