Bridemaids Gifts Ideas: What to give your besties!

Brides, your bridesmaids are not only some of your best friends, but they are also your support crew on your big day. Here are some great ways to show gratitude for your favorite girls with gifts that they can use!

This Bridesmaid Beauty Box is a fun DIY way to treat your Bridesmaids to a fun spa day without hurting your budget or the hassle of setting up appointments.

Satin Robes or Personalized Men’s Dress Shirts: Whether you decide to go with simple satin robes or a personalized dress shirt, your bridesmaid will love this gift because it is something that they can use the day of your wedding and even on a daily basis while they are getting ready.

Jewelry: This is an easy way to tie in the colors of your wedding into your gift for your bridesmaids. Every girl loves jewelry! Maybe a monogrammed necklace, earrings, or a bracelet to make it more personal.

Hangers: Personalized hanger is a cool DIY gift. They are something your bridesmaids can hang their dresses on and hold that memory for life. You can either make them yourself or order them.

What are you giving your bridesmaids? Share below in the comments as I know they would love other ideas!

~Keenan Peterson, Wedding 101 Spring Intern

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