Bridal Bootcamp with Infinity Fitness Nashville Wedding Fitness

Have you heard about Infinity Fitness’s Bridal Bootcamp? If you’re looking to get in shape for your wedding this bootcamp is sure to do the trick.

Our very own Tiffany did her first session Tuesday and loved her sore muscles!
Bootcamp takes place Tuesdays & Wednesday, 5-7. Saturdays 10-11, for 6 weeks.
Feel it, baby. Love the burn and then reap the rewards strutting around in your fabulous dress!

1 thought on “Bridal Bootcamp with Infinity Fitness Nashville Wedding Fitness”

  1. What an incredible opportunity to offer brides!  Not only will it serve the purpose to streamline the body for the dress, but more importantly, it will be an awesome outlet for the stress, the nerves, and all those frantic feelings that surface a couple of months before the wedding day!

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