Bound Together Workshop

Join Wedding 101 and pre-marital counselor, Marie McKinney-Oates, for a Saturday of “getting to know one another”. I know. I know. You would think that you know someone quite well if you are planning on marrying him/her. However, things do start to lose some perspective in the midst of wedding planning.

Marie offers a way to reconnect in a fun, light-hearted manner with her Bound Together Workshops. (If reconnecting or communication isn’t enticing enough, you do get a discount on your marriage license by attending. :))

Learn the answers to the following questions and have a day of fun with just the two of you because when the wedding is over that’s what matters!

  • How will your personality differences hurt/help your relationship?
  • How does your fiance understand love?
  • What is the best way to show love to your fiance?
  • In the bedroom, what are your needs? What are your fiance’s?
  • Does our fighting style tear us apart or bring us closer?

Bound Together is a 5-hour workshop that will help you answer these questions and so much more! You will learn skills and insight about one another that will decrease the likelihood of divorce by 30% and get a $60 discount on your TN marriage license.

Follow Marie on her blog and Plan to Attend!

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  1. This is so important. I believe this is the most important step in the wedding process. My wife & I did a 4 week chores with our minister, It was a hard thing to push our selves to go each week, but m-a-n are we glad we did.

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