Bella Swan’s Carolina Herrera Gown Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress

As promised, this post is completely dedicated to Bella’s Carolina Herrera! First, let me say that I did in fact read the whole Twilight series. I thought it was wonderful. I’m not nearly as impressed with the movies but I do enjoy watching them. I’m not what you’d call a ‘Twi-hard’ so although I wanted to see the movie, the wedding inspiration was really what I was after rather than seeing them butcher the book.

Back to the dress… I cannot begin to explain the feeling I had when I saw this stunning gown. It was nothing at all like I had expected and that made the reveal so much more fun.

Ladies, remember this post on sleeved wedding gowns? Well, not only did Kate choose one, Carolina’s design for Bella also had full length sleeves! I think what I love most about this gown is the modern and sleek cut. The fit was to die for, who am I kidding… it always is in the movies! (Take note: a good seamstress can make your dress perfect as well! So don’t skimp with alterations) The best part of this gown is the back. The down to there, lace overlay, open but covered, buttoned back was jaw dropping. This dress was one of the most conservative dresses I’ve seen from the front but from the back… OH MY! The sexiness was over the top. Now this bit of sultry is perceived as just that. I would describe it as church appropriate sexiness.

On the left is a very crude sketch I mocked up in Photoshop (using this Princess Kate sketch as a base) since no photos have been released yet. In Style reached out to some of their favorite designers to see how they envisioned Bella’s gown. On the right is a sketch by Prabal Gurung who somehow almost hit it right on the head. There’s no red accents of course but the back was very similar to this.

Bella Swan Twilight Breaking Dawn Dress Sketch

Here’s a photo where you can sort of see the bodice seaming.

Now for the accessories!

Bella Swan Twilight Breaking Dawn Dress Sketch

No earrings, no necklace, no bracelet. Her only accessories were her fabulous Manolo Blahnik’s, a hair comb from her Grandmother Swan (her parents added the sapphires as a gift for her something blue), her engagement ring, and the beautiful all white bouquet.

She wore her hair in a loose pulled up style that included a few small braids woven in. The look was very effortless and lived in. For the reception she sported a pair of tennis shoes that I can only describe as Keds although I doubt that they were simply Keds.

Now that I’ve gushed about the wedding dress let’s have a little recap of the major details. Hmm lets see… Princess Kate had long sleeves and all white bouquet & Bella wore long sleeves with an all white bouquet… Don’t you love when a trend slaps you in the face!

So there you have it. Even if your not a Twilight fan, the wedding scene which takes up the first 30 or 45 minutes of the movie, is stunning. The forest setting with moss covered isle, tree benches as seating, strung white flowers hanging from every branch and even the floral covered arch at the alter are wonderful ideas. The reception incorporated hanging mini lights which is proof that when they are done RIGHT they can look fabulous. Movies are a great place to get ideas so rent some of your favorites and note the things you love most!

Looking to buy Bella’s dress? Alfred Angelo is the exclusive resource for the Twilight replica. I must admit, it’s not near as spectacular as Carolina’s original but if you love the look and feel and have $799, the replica can be yours.

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