Before You Go Shopping For Your Wedding Dress…

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1. Invite your mother, your groom’s mother, your grandmother, or whoever you want to be with you. Just make sure that these are the people who make you feel the most comfortable and confident. You can trust them and count on them as you make this decision.

2. Make appointments. Most boutiques encourage you to do so in order to give you the attention you will need to try on these gowns. It’s not like slipping into a tee and jeans. Allow ample time to try on as many gowns as you like and to look through the shop’s selection. You will need at least a good hour to two to try on gowns, so don’t book appointments too close.

3. Take printouts or magazine tearouts of dresses that you like with you to your appointments. It helps the shop’s staff to find dresses that fit your style to make the process run a bit smoother.

4. Fix your hair and makeup. Don’t just roll out of bed and throw on a hoodie for this day. You want to feel good about yourself as you try on dresses. It’s a special day!

5. Eat before you go and take a water. It isn’t running a marathon, but it’s an experience. Starving and thirsty are not going to help if you are trying to make such a big decision.

6. Take a camera. Take pictures of each gown so you don’t forget what was what, especially if you are going to several bridal gown stores. You should know that some designers do not allow photos to be taken of the gowns before they are purchased so for those, simply get the design number and print it out off the designers site once you get home.

7. Enjoy the time with loved ones and playing dress up. This day is all about you!

8. Lastly, once you find THE DRESS, stop shopping!

Happy dress shopping!

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