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I, Ashley #2, am the newsletter author. I love calling myself an author! So fancy! Most times when you are asked to sign up for a newsletter, you say no because it’s really boring and full of information you could care less about. Well, I make sure that the Wedding 101 newsletter is full of anything and everything wedding that you could want to know! 


What you’ll find in the newsletter:

-Planning tips, ideas, and inspiration
-Professional advice and etiquette tips
-FREE events happening in the studio like Saturday vendor showcases
-Nashville wedding news
-A few funnies from my week in the studio
-Potential raps, rhymes, or poems from me

The newsletter goes out twice a month (on the 1st and 15th), and that is all! When you sign up for our newsletter, no one else is getting your information, and you will only be contacted twice monthly (via newsletter) unless you reach out to us directly!

Contact us if you are interested in receiving this funny piece of literary work twice monthly!

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