April Showers: Wedding Day Weather

April Showers are always a possible, albeit uninvited, guest at outdoor weddings.

The last thing any bride wants to think about is the possibility of rain on her wedding day. The truth of the matter is the better prepared you are, the less stress you will feel on your big day if the forecast doesn’t go your way.

Follow these tips to properly plan for a rainy wedding day.

#1 Have a Plan B. Talk to the venue and your vendors about options just in case Mother Nature plans inclement weather. If you are having the wedding outside, you might want to rent a tent. (Just remember that a tent won’t always be the best option if the ground is soaked beneath the tent.)

#2 Build time in your schedule. Unpredictable weather can cause some logistical challenges. Make sure you leave plenty of time for the things that are important to you like pictures and toasts.

#3 Work with your photographer.  Rain or shine, your professional photographer will capture picture-perfect shots for you.  To reassure yourself in the case of rain, ask him how he handles bad weather. Make sure you like their indoor images as much as their outdoor photographs.

Fun Tip: Remember that you can still have fun in the rain by adding cute props like colorful umbrellas and rainboots.

#4 Think of your guests. It might be a good idea to buy a few dozen umbrellas just in case. Prepare for the wet ground by setting cement blocks for your wedding party so their heels won’t sink in the ground while standing for the ceremony.

“They” say that rain is lucky on your wedding day, and with a little bit of planning, it won’t matter what the weather is like.

Come to the Wedding 101 Studio if you need any more help planning your gorgeous spring wedding. Our vendors are experts in their field and can help you prepare for anything that could happen at your wedding!

All rainy day photos by the oh-so-talented Details Nashville.

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