Alternatives to a “Traditional” Wedding Cake

Modern brides have been embracing color and originality at their weddings for many years now. We’ve seen fun spins on tradition, as well as completely new “traditions” being started. Just like all the other pieces of a wedding, the wedding cake has also seen some transformation of its own. Brides are steering away from the all white, circular, tiered cake. Now we see all sorts of alternative styles embraced by the wedding cake. Here are some of our favorite examples of this transformation…

As you can see, your cake can be an extension of your overall wedding theme. All the fabulous cakes pictured above were created by Sweetface Cakes. From glamorous details to fun pops of color, your cake can truly speak to your style!

Another great alternative to having a traditional cake, is a dessert bar! From cookies and cupcakes to cake pops and mini pies, the options are limitless, and your sweet tooth will definitely be satisfied. All the adorable desserts pictured above were created by Cakes by Priscilla. What do you think about our fun ideas for spicing up the “traditional” wedding cake?! Leave your comments below or on our Facebook page! Thanks to Allie for coming up with this fun topic!

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