A Wedding Planner- Do you really need one?

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I am a little partial because I am a wedding planner, but I think every bride needs a planner. As I tell my clients, they are on your side to help you.  I have heard stories of couples getting taken for a ride with vendors; they wouldn’t do that if you had a professional planner working with you.

A wedding planner is a professional that knows the ins and outs of a wedding and the planning process. They do this every day and have the experience to handle your wedding.  I know there are misconceptions about planners: “they will take over my wedding” or “they are more trouble than they are worth”.

I cannot speak for every planner, but a professional planner will not take over your wedding unless you want them too. Your planner will be there to help you make decisions and guide you through the planning process. Most planners take pride in their ability to help couples plan their wedding. I suggest to every bride that she should at least get Day of Planning or Month of Planning. This way the planner will be able to handle all the last minute details. On your wedding day you should have your friends and family with you, not running around trying to make sure everything showed up.

Here are some tips to finding your perfect planner:

*All planners are different so meet with several and choose one that fits your needs.

*Ask for referrals from past clients

*Make sure to see pictures from previous events

*Check out their services to see which you are interested in

Consider hiring a planner, they will help your day run much smoother!

Tiffani Helms

Owner and Wedding Planner

Creative Designs & Events

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