A Wedding Officiant

So you are engaged and you are getting married. Given any thought to WHO will be performing the ceremony?

Although it is tradition to use your church minister, the trend toward destination weddings or non-church ceremonies has led more brides and grooms to consider an outside officiant. I would like to introduce to you an officiant with Wedding 101 – Amanda Dobra with Golden Dolphin Weddings. Get to know Amanda from her answers below or click here. www.wedding101.net/vendors


Where did the name Golden Dolphin Weddings originate?

I am very connected to dolphins and what they have to teach.

How long have you been performing weddings?

About 2 years. Before that I owned dance studios for 10 years, so I am very comfortable presenting myself in front of a crowd at a large or small event.

Are you internet ordained?

No, I am not. I have a Master of Divinity and have been ordained by the Wisdom of the Heart Church.

Are you religious, spiritual, open?

I am a non-denominational minister. I am spiritual, but not affiliated with any particular religion nor do I follow any particular religious rituals. I am very open minded and willing to work with people from all belief systems. I have ceremonies with all types of wording, spiritual and love based.

What types of venues have you performed weddings at?

Most recently I have performed weddings on the many beaches and resorts of Kauai, Hawaii. Before that, my venues included parks, historical buildings, out in nature, botanical gardens, the bride’s family forest, and an old sheep barn! 🙂 I now reside in the beautiful hills of Nashville, TN and am serving the Nashville metro area.
Do you provide pre-marital counseling?

Yes, this is an optional service I offer if you’d like. You can save money on your marriage license if you go through 4 hours of counseling. I do offer counseling at a discount to those that use my services for their ceremony.

Although we get lost in the floral design, the wedding dress, the photos, and every other little detail, don’t forget to spend some time really thinking about the ceremony that leads to the celebration, honeymoon, and a long life together.

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