A Factory Photo

Today, I witnessed yet another and probably most endearing reason to capture moments in photographs. An elderly woman painstakingly walked up the 22 steps that lead to The Factory at Franklin offices and our studio’s front door to eye an old photograph of several men that worked in this old place when it was a true stove manufacturing plant. I have glanced at this picture several times but will never see it the same again.

This woman was here to celebrate her 93rd birthday with a Stoveworks lunch attended by family and friends. Regardless of what presents were in the gift bags or the Happy Birthday balloon, it was seeing this birthday present, this old picture, that brought tears of sadness and of joy. The man in the bottom left hand corner was her husband of 68 years. When she spotted him, she burst into tears as did those around her as she went down memory lane. All of those memories flooded back because of a photo snapped one random day in the past.

Two things come to me. As a “fly on the wall”, I just witnessed the power of a photograph and became more convicted that photographs are the best momentos. Wedding 101 tip! Make sure to find the photographer for your engagement session, bridal portrait, or wedding that can bring such memories to the surface years later. As well, capture the random snapshots just because.

Moreso, I saw exactly what Amy and I want every wedding that Wedding 101 is a part to lead to….. a longlasting love between bride and groom. 68 years long!

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