7 Simple Steps to the Perfect Engagement Party

Congratulations to all of you ladies who got something a little sparkly over the holiday! It’s such a wonderful time and it’s important that you and your fiance enjoy these moments.

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A time honored tradition is the Engagement party. Here’s 7 steps to the perfect party.

1. Choose a host. Traditionally the brides parents host the party at their home but these days anything goes. Choose someone you can trust to pull it off just the way you want it.

2. Create a guest list. This is a great first draft for the wedding guest list and remember, only invite guests you intend to invite to the wedding.

3. Pick a date. One to three months is the usual time frame.

4. Choose a location. Like I said before, traditionally brides families host the party at their home but if you have a bigger guest list you may need to seek a venue. Sometimes the venue will choose your date for you so keep that in mind before you print those invites.

5. Pick your menu and bar selections. Again your venue may decide this. Whether you choose a back yard BBQ or a full on 7 course meal make sure it fits your style and the event itself.

6. Choose the invites. You can decided to use your engagement photos, a similar theme to your wedding, or just something that you and you’re hubby-to-be love.

7. Stick them in the mail! Mail out your invites 2 to 3 weeks before the party.

So there you go! Follow those simple steps and have a fabulous time!

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