5 Ways to De-Stress While Wedding Planning

We all know sometimes you get to that point in the wedding planning process where you feel like if one more thing goes wrong, you’re going to lose it! We don’t want you to EVER feel that way, but if you’re in that stage right now, we’ve got the perfect thing for you! Here are five ways you can unwind and de-stress… Enjoy!

1. Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath. Light the candles, put on some music and grab a glass… or a bottle… of wine!

2. Take time to laugh. Remember to spend time with your girlfriends, gossiping, eating chocolate, or catching the latest chick flick. Try and focus on not talking about your wedding for an evening and find out what’s going on in your girls’ lives.

3. Go for a run. Exercise is a great way to release some stress! As the legendary movie Legally Blonde explains, “Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” Words to live by.

4. Go to a humane society to pet some puppies. Little furry animals ALWAYS cheer us up! But, after your play date, resist the urge to buy said puppy until after the wedding.

5. Have a five minute dance party. Sometimes you just need to let loose, or as Taylor Swift says, “Shake it Off!”

Thanks to Allie for these awesome tips! While we want you to use these tips to relax, the best way to calm down while wedding planning is for you to come visit us at the studio! We’d love to sit down with you and help map out your planning process, making this easy and completely stress free! Call us at 615-988-2494 to schedule your consultation today.

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