5 ways to be the most kick-butt Maid of Honor

Being a Maid of Honor (MOH) is a privilege. To help you to make the most of the fun moments and to get through the pull-your-hair-out moments, remember being the MOH is truly a compliment!

PSA*: Your duties extend WAY beyond the title you’ve been given!

Here are 6 tips to help you be the most kick-butt Maid of Honor!

#1 Be the Wedding Emergency Kit

This is a big one and a must! You will need a mini First Aid kit equipped with Band-Aids, painkillers, antacids, eye drops, and of course tampons. You will also need a beauty kit for touch ups or oops moments with hair pins, lip gloss/chap stick/lipstick, dental floss, tissues, concealer, tweezers, nail file, powder, perfume, cotton swabs, hand lotion and a small mirror. Don’t forget the UH OH! Kit with clear nail polish for runs in stockings, chalk to cover up stains, hem tape, small sewing kit, safety pins, crazy glue and extra panty hose. The last important thing to put in your Wedding Emergency Kit is a bottle of water, mints or breath spray, and some kind of energy food like banana or a granola bar.

Extra tip: Also bring something to do. You may be watching people get their makeup and hair done for hours. When I was maid of honor we played Heads up and read letters we had written to each other.

#2 Keep Everyone On Track

Making sure that the bridal party isn’t falling behind is important so that the wedding happens on time. The guests don’t want to wait an extra hour while people are finishing getting ready or while pictures are being taken.

#3 Be the Point Person

The most important role of Maid of Honor is to make sure that your Bride doesn’t have to answer a million questions. If anyone has questions on the day-of, it’s your job to be Wonder Woman and conquer them all.

#4 Make a Speech

Don’t Panic! If you get frazzled about speeches then these simple “Do’s” will guide you to say the perfect thing. First of all keep it short and funny. No one wants to listen to you rant or mention ex’s. Open your speech telling who you are and how you know the bride.  Share a brief story on what you love about the bride. Talk about how you knew that she met THE ONE. It’s now time to throw in a funny story about how she started taking on his interest or funny things that happened to them when they were together. At the end of your speech make sure to congratulate them on their marriage. End with a “cheers to the bride and groom!” Bam! done! Everyone will love it!

#5 Just a few more things to remember

– Feed the Bride

– Help Her Get Dressed

– Be At Her Beck and Call

– Make Sure That The Bridal Suite Is Spick and Span Before You Leave

– Keep Her Cool (figuratively & literally!)

– Do a final teeth check, lipstick check, breath mints, bobby pins. Make sure she is picture perfect when she walks down that aisle!

#6 Don’t forget to have fun and cherish this time with your bride!

Be supportive as possible. Your bride has a lot on her mind and a lot of decisions to make that aren’t easy. She’s getting opinions from everybody and their brother.  She’s going to cry happy and sad tears, so be prepared to be a good listener (with tissues on hand.)

All of the adorable images are by Frozen Exposure.

~By the lovely Spring Intern, Keenan Peterson

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