5 Tips on Registering for Gifts

Many brides and grooms start out thinking that registering for their wedding will be the most fun part of the planning process. However, three hours in when you are starving, sweating, and arguing with your fiancé about china patterns your opinion of the process starts to differ. Here at Wedding 101 we try to make the planning process as stress free as possible. The registry process should be no different! It is about picking out pieces to create a home. A home that you are starting together as you venture into the next chapter of your lives. With our five tips, hopefully you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the registry process!

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1. Eat First – Registering takes up a lot of energy and should never be tackled on an empty stomach. Go out to lunch before going through the list and bring snacks for along the way.

2. Plan Out Your List – Take an inventory of what both of you already have as a couple and what you need. It is also important to sit down with your fiancé and discuss the design needs of your home.

3. Do Your Research – Many places will let you create a registry online. This is a great way to compare prices and designs before even going into the stores.

4. Keep Price in Mind – Register for gifts with a variety of price points. It’s totally fine to register for some higher priced items because friends and family may be interested in going in together on some things. But make sure you have lower priced items included as well.

5. Think About Your Out-of-Town Guests – Include your shipping address on your registry for guests that cannot attend your bridal showers and for those out-of-towners. A lot of people would rather have the gift shipped to you, instead of having to travel with it.

If you’re still looking for some quality stores to build your registry with, check out Dillard’s and Belk! With these helpful tips we hope that you are a few steps closer to creating a beautiful home with your future husband. Thanks to Allie for all her hard work creating this list of tips!

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