{5 Tips} Invitation Etiquette

Back in the day, a bride could get by with a simple formal invitation that announced the soon to be nuptials of the couple. Today there are engagement parties, save the dates, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and formal wedding invitation to be sent all with their own set of rules. Without some guidelines a bride can be lost.

Here at Wedding 101 we have a few tips to ensure that you don’t make an invitation etiquette faux pas!

1. NEVER include where you are registered or any reference to gifts in general. Include this information on your wedding website or on your bridal shower invitations.

2. Make sure you send your invitations out in a timely manner. Save the dates should go out 4-6 months before the wedding. Formal invitations should go out 4-6 weeks before the wedding. Thank you cards should be sent as soon as possible after the wedding or shower.

3. Include all information like the day, date, and location. Have separate inserts for travel information and contact information. Be sure to include information on dress. (Cocktail, formal, or Sunday best) It’s also nice to include a stamped and addressed envelope for RSVPs.

4. Spell out all numbers for formal invitations. “Twelve o’clock in the afternoon on the fifth of September two thousand and fifteen.”

5. Specify if you are NOT serving dinner/meal. (Dessert to be served at reception, cocktail hour to be held, or refreshments to be served, etc.)

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