2012 Wedding Trend Watch: Messy Hair Wedding Day Hair Styles

We’re seeing it every where. Red carpets, fashion magazines, even all over Pinterest  messy hair is a huge trend. I don’t think it’s going anywhere for a while so throw out those brushes. You won’t be needing them for your engagement party, bachelorette bash, or event the rehearsal dinner.

Image via Brunch at Saks

Image via Hair Romance

Image via The Beauty Department

Image via The Pursuit Aesthetic

Image via My Yellow Sandbox

Tips for sporting this look:

  • Dirty is good. These won’t work the best on freshly washed hair. You’re going to need products to help get the look. Think waxes and puttys.
  • Clear rubber bands are you friends. They’ll hide themselves.
  • Invest in a couple of bobby pin packs. You’ll need lots of them for these and you’ll inevitably loose some along the way.
  • Teasing isn’t a bad word. Neither is backcombing. Again, it’s messy so have fun.
  • It’ll never look the same way twice so stop obsessing over it. The whole idea is for it to look effortless.

Are you a messy hair type of girl? I’m all about this trend. Dress it up, dress it down. My only problem I’ve got STRAIGHT hair and getting it messy and effortless takes a fair amount of work, unless I wear it in a sock bun or I’ve curled it the day before.

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