2012 Wedding Trend Watch: Day After Sessions What are they and why we love them

A day after session is a photography or videography shoot the day after your big day. The day of the wedding, you’ll be doing all sorts of things to get ready. Perhaps you’ve planned on a massage, a day of pampering at the salon, or even just a fun time getting ready with your friends and family. Add in photo sessions for you, your hubby-to-be, the wedding party, your families and you’ve got a day so full you probably won’t be relaxed enough to enjoy it.

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You’ve no doubt heard the stories “I don’t even remember what I ate”, “I wish I had been able to spend more time with my hubby”, “Aunt Lilly was there and I didn’t even know it”, “I wish I could have slowed down and enjoyed the day more”… the list goes on and on. Day after sessions can really help free up some time so that you can get back to your guests and have a more connected and fun reception. By freeing up the couple photos you undoubtedly want and saving them for the next day, you two will have the time to enjoy each other more and not worry about what your guests are doing while you’re taking photos. These sessions can be as formal or relaxed as you like. You can even do them at a different location than where the wedding took place. Perhaps the location of your first date, where he proposed, or even just one of your favorite spots as a couple. Sure the idea of running off on your Honeymoon the day after is enticing but take it from a girl who knows, I couldn’t stop trying to recall the little details and the time missed with my guests on the plane to Turks and Caicos. I would have loved getting some relaxed shots the next day. Plus you’ll get to play in your dress for a little while longer!

Here’s some tips for the shoot:

  • Tell your florist you plan on a shoot the next day and ask advice on how to keep your flowers fresh over night. Some flowers need refrigerated, some don’t so be sure to ask.
  • This is your opportunity to wear your hair and makeup a different way. Have fun with it. Consider talking to your makeup artist to see if you can get a day of and after package deal if your having yours professionally done.
  • Hang up your dress the night of the wedding. This will ensure it’s not wrinkled for the shoot.
  • Most tuxes/suit rentals don’t have to be returned the next day so let your boy be dapper for a few more hours.

So what do you think? Will you consider a Day After shoot? I sure wish I did. This year is my hubby and I’s five year anniversary. Perhaps we’ll schedule a shoot where we can wear our wedding day attire one more time!

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