2011 Wedding Trend Watch: Dessert Receptions and Coffee Bars

Dessert receptions are becoming more and more of a trend this year. Cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, mini tarts, flavored cake and mousse shots… the list of what you can include in a dessert reception is endless. I have a huge sweet tooth so this idea is right up my alley. Desserts could easily be served with champagne, a fabulous coffee bar, and perhaps a fruit tea.

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Now before your wheels get turning too fast, there are a few considerations to think about. A dessert reception really only works if you are having your ceremony and reception in the afternoon, after your guests would have already had lunch, or if your ceremony and reception begin very late into the evening, after your guests would have already had dinner. If you ceremony and reception are near a typical meal time you should consider heavy hors d’oeuvres for your guests.

Wedding, Coffee Bar, Beve, Nashville, TNImages via Beve’s Flickr set

Now on to that fabulous coffee bar! Beve is a local mobile coffee bar service and is an absolute hit everywhere they go. So how does a mobile coffee bar work? Beve will come and set up shop at your event so that they can provide the most exceptional service.   They bring the espresso machine, scales, tea kettles, pourover bar, the whole nine yards. It really is impressive. You don’t have to have a dessert reception to have a coffee bar. Coffee bars will work with most receptions, showers, and all sorts of parties!

Want to learn more about what Beve does? Check out their website! Want to see more photos of what Beve does? Check out their flickr set!

7 thoughts on “2011 Wedding Trend Watch: Dessert Receptions and Coffee Bars”

  1. We’re having a dessert bar for our wedding in June and I’m so excited about it!!! I’ve always had a sweet tooth and desserts are often my favorite part of the meal! We’re putting “dessert reception to follow” on the invite so everyone knows. Quick question though: how many desserts would you get per person? We don’t have a wedding planner to help us answer this question…what would you recommend?

    1. Meredith, congrats on your up coming wedding! This is a great question for your caterer if you are using one. They can judge amounts depending on the menu you select. If your plan on doing this yourself it really all depends on what your menu is. Some suddgest 6-7 hors d’oeuvers per guest if they are being followed by a later meal. If you are serving full slices of pie, cake, and tarts then the number per guest would be much less. If you are doing mini deserts then that amount may be about right. Also keep in mind that your wedding cake will also be considered one of your desserts. Hope this helps and remember, our services are always free. Give us a call or send us an email if you need more help!

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