10 Ways (for Brides) to Stay Calm this Holiday Season

The Holiday season can be stressful, especially when you’re in the midst of planning a wedding too! Here are 10 ways for all you lovely brides to stay calm during the most wonderful time of the year…

1. Plan Ahead

Everyone has different philosophies on how to navigate the months of November and December… My biggest recommendation is to have a “Holiday Planner.” There you can keep track of recipes for Thanksgiving dinner, guest lists for Holiday parties, addresses for Christmas cards, and everything else related to this time of year. Having a place for all your Holiday plans will help keep your mind clear and able to jump back over to wedding planning if need be.

{Click here for free Holiday Planner printables.}

2. Be Willing to Compromise

If this is your first year as more than “boyfriend and girlfriend,” there’s bound to be a little more intensity when it comes to family. You and your fiance both have family traditions. It’s important to recognize that they are equally important and since you can’t do everything, maybe it’s time to start some traditions of your own!

3. Create a Budget

Since you’re planning a wedding and preparing for you and your future hubby’s life together, this may not be the year to go ALL out on Christmas gifts. Money can cause some of the biggest fights for newlyweds, so don’t blow it all on gifts right before you tie the knot! Create a gift budget for the two of you, and stick to it!

4. Keep Communicating

Every family does the holidays differently, and you are about to start your own family. It’s important to openly discuss how you and your fiance feel about certain plans and family traditions.

5. Keep Dating Your Fiance

This season is the busiest time of year for most people, and on top of everything, you’re still planning a wedding! Make sure you take the time to continue dating your fiance during this busy time. Whether that means sharing a conversation over a cup of coffee, or going out to dinner and a movie, it’s important to never get too busy for each other.

6. Take Time to Pamper Yourself

Take a day (or even a couple hours) this season to treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation. Sometimes a massage or a pedicure is all you need to wipe away all that Holiday (and wedding) stress.

7. Don’t Try to Conquer New Things

This is NOT the time of year to learn a new skill, pick up a new hobby, or make any life-altering changes. You’re already in the process of completing one life-altering change… getting married! And the Holiday season adds enough busyness to daily life! So, give yourself a break and just focus on the current excitement surrounding you.

8. Don’t Over-Commit

There are always so many opportunities to celebrate during the Holiday season. While there’s nothing wrong with multiple Christmas parties, try not to commit to too many events.

9. Have Fun!

The Holidays are exciting! And this year, you’ve got your future hubby by your side! Take time to enjoy yourself and have some fun together!

10. Schedule a Visit to Wedding 101

While most of your wedding plans will be put on hold for the next couple of months, if you need a day to knock out some decisions, schedule a visit to come see us! We can help check off some of the things on your wedding list, so you can get back to that Christmas list!

For more wedding tips, come by the Wedding 101 studio today! We’re here to help you with anything you need! And the best part is, all our services are completely free!

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