10 Things To Do After You’re Engaged

We know so many of you got engaged over the holidays and are now in full-on planning mode! Before you let yourself become overwhelmed with the colors and themes and countless vendors you need for the big day, focus on these 10 things to do after you’re engaged! Doing these 10 things first will set you up for a smooth and easy engagement!

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1. Spread the News. Let everyone know about your engagement, but tell your parents, siblings, and grandparents first! Then, tell your closest friends. The best option is to tell them face-to-face, but distance and other circumstances may not allow this. In this case, at least pick up the phone to call them as opposed to typing a text. Try to avoid anyone close to you thinking, “I had to find out about her engagement on Facebook?!” After you’ve told those closest to you, you can make an announcement on social media!

2. Get your ring sized and insured. You’re going to be showing it off to everyone, so you don’t want to lose it! Getting your ring sized can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. After it’s sized correctly, call your  homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to add your ring to your policy. Your insurance broker may say you need to have an official appraisal before adding it, but call and ask first.

3. Discuss a date. Be prepared for everyone to ask when the big day is, right after they ask for your proposal story. Having a date set will pre-empt some headaches.

4. Create a wedding blog/website. Post photos and write your “how we met” and “proposal” stories. Make sure there’s a guestbook available on the site… You’ll love this feature later! As you plan your wedding, you can add the wedding details, registries, and accommodations info to your site. There are a ton of websites out there that allow you to create both free and paid wedding blogs. Some options to consider are: The Knot, Wedding Jojo (part of Martha Stewart Weddings),  eWedding, myWedding, Appy Couple, and Wedding Window.

5. Envision your wedding. What have you always pictured your wedding to look like since you were a little girl? Are you a traditionalist, or are you trendy? This is the time to consider what you want and don’t want in your wedding! Start thinking about the big picture.

6. Nail down a guest list number. Many venues need a headcount to see if they can accommodate you, and most packages are priced based on guest minimums…which leads to the next step…

7. Budget, budget, budget! Who is paying for the wedding: you, your parents, or your fiance? Decide, then set a reasonable budget, and stick to it. This way you know what you can – and cannot – afford.

8. Register. As soon as people hear that you’re engaged, they will start thinking about what they want to congratulate you with. Registering can be a little overwhelming, so take it slow, and get at least a few things on a list for those loved ones who want to buy something for you right away. Try to register at three places – no more, no less. This gives your family and friends a variety in terms of location, price points, and gift options.

9. Create an email that is dedicated specifically to all things wedding. You will likely sign up for wedding email lists, discount lists, vendor lists, etc. during the planning process. No one likes their personal email account flooded with extras. Save yourself a headache and create a separate email account (i.e., sarahlovesjosh@gmail.com, sarahandjoshwedding@gmail.com) for wedding planning purposes. DO NOT USE YOUR WORK EMAIL ACCOUNT FOR ANYTHING WEDDING-RELATED! Most employers frown upon this, and your job could be at stake if they see you using work to plan your wedding. Make sure you use your newly created email address once you create it! You don’t want to miss any tips or offers. Maybe that venue you’ve been dying to have was booked on your wedding date, but suddenly opened up and the event manager decided to email you instead of call you. You don’t want to miss that!

10. Come visit us at the Wedding 101 studio! We are here for you… We will talk wedding with you and help steer you in the right direction! Not sure what we do? Click here to learn. Can’t wait to meet you!

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