10 Need-To-Know Planning Tips!

Your wedding day is a big deal. Most brides spend anywhere from 6 to 12 months planning for this event. We know how overwhelming your planning can be, so we wanted to remind you of these 10 VERY important tips! 
consultation wedding101 1. Choose the three most important things to you, and let the rest go. No matter if it’s flowers, entertainment, and photography…or if it’s invitations, food, and the venue…just choose the three most important things. Don’t sweat the stuff that doesn’t matter as much. (See #4 though.) 2. RSVPs. They’re going to get messed up. Just accept the fact that there will be a couple of stragglers…or people who say “yes,” but don’t show up. So give a final head count of a few less than what you expect to be in attendance. You can always add later, but it’s much more difficult to subtract…and you may end up paying for someone at the last moment. 3. Do not, under any circumstances, get a spray tan before your wedding. No matter how professional or natural you think it looks, your skin will come across looking a bit pumpkin-ish in your photos. 4. Photography. Other than your marriage, it’s the one thing you’ll take away from your wedding that will last years and years and years. So if you’re going to choose one area to skimp in, photography is probably not the best area to do so. 5. Videography. If you’re interested in listening to your vows again, don’t rely on your friends’ iPhone video recorders to capture it. Hire a professional. 6. Trust us when we tell you to AT LEAST hire a day-of coordinator. Sure your mother or best friend is super willing to help you on your big day, but you also want them to ENJOY it. So hire a professional, and let him/her take care of the nitty gritty details. 7. The day will be over before you know it. When you build your schedule (with your day-of coordinator of course), add in time to savor the moments with your new husband. 8. You’ll probably never see your bridesmaids wear the dress you picked out for them again. Sure, they’re going to tell you that they love it and they appreciate the fact that you chose a dress that they would all wear again, but when it comes down to it…that dress will stay in the back of their closet…or they’ll try to sell it. It’s ok. You did your best. 9. You’re not going to be able to please everyone…and it. is. ok. 10.You’re not the first bride to get married, nor are you the last. So breathe. Relax. Enjoy the ride. (And come see us…tell us all about your wedding…what you need help with…we’ll brew a cup of coffee or uncork some wine…and we’ll be your best friend. That’s what we are here for. See you soon.) Thanks to Huffington Post for some of the above advice! 

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