10 + 1 Winter Date Ideas

It’s COLD outside! But it can feel warm and snuggly when you’re with your sweetheart! The winter months can feel long, so you may just need some ideas on how to make the most of them! Here’s our list of 10 + 1 winter date ideas… Enjoy!

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1. Dance Lessons – You can enjoy a night out together while you brush up on your dance skills for the big day! Check out Grassland Dance Academy for reasonable prices on fantastic dance instruction.

2. Movie Marathon – Are you a Disney fan, and he wouldn’t know the difference between Cinderella and Snow White? Have a movie marathon with your favorites, and then allow him the same privilege next time!

3. Ice Skating – With three different ice rinks in the Nashville area, you’ve got plenty of options for this little outing! So grab each other’s hands and skate away!

4. A Winter Hike – Here in middle Tennessee we are surrounded by state parks with beautiful trails! If you’re getting cabin-fever, just bundle up and head out for an afternoon hike!

5. A Festive Dinner – It’s dinner and a show… Make reservations for an interactive dining experience at The Chef and I, and you won’t be disappointed!

6. A Performance or Show– Whether you’re wanting a classic performance at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, or a country concert at Bridgestone, it’s Music City so the options are limitless!

7. Snow Watch & Drive – This date is perfect if you have a whole day with nothing to do… Get out your weather apps and watch for snow to appear in the cities surrounding you. Then as soon as you see the forecast, start driving, and spend the whole day playing in the snow! You might even discover some new little restaurants or shops on your way home!

8. An Overnight Adventure – Reserve a room at The Vanderbilt Marriott, and enjoy an all-night date! With everything you need right in the hotel, both of you will leave feeling refreshed and pampered.

9. DIY Dinner Date – Get all dressed up and set the table with your fine china! Cook an elegant dinner for two (or order one if you’re not the cooking-type), and enjoy a fancy night in the comforts of your own home. There’s something nice about knowing your PJ’s and the couch are just a room away!

10. Brewery Tour – Sample some beers and tour the facilities of some local breweries! With over ten breweries in the Nashville area, you’re sure to find a couple that fit your tastes!

11. Catch a Game – Even if you don’t regularly follow hockey, the Predators’ games can be pretty entertaining! Bundle up, and go support our home team on the ice!

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Do you have any date ideas that you would recommend for the winter months? I can’t wait to try some of these out! Leave a comment with your ideas below, or tell us on our Facebook page! Happy Dating!

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